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Mobile Machinery Management System


Mobile Machinery Management System is a powerful tool for terminal operators to remotely monitor the machines status during the operations in real-time. It also enables users to manage maintenance service, in order to extend the machine use life and reduce maintenance costs.


Machine Management

Monitor machinery operating status in real-time

- Display machine information and status

GPS/DGPS Positioning

Define working area, rationally dispatching machinery, and monitoring drivers workload in real time.

- Machine Tracking

- Trace Review

- Area Setting

- Vehicle Dispatching Management

Data Collecting & Statistics

Collect real-time machinery data

- Check fuel level

- Whether fuel is stolen

- Check water temperature

- Check engine condition

- Check whether engine needs oil

- Check whether engine is normal

Make statistics of machinery data

- Calculate machine hour and wear

- Calculate machine operation volume

- Calculate driver workload

- Calculate machine fuel consumption

Maintenance Management

Make the reasonable maintenance schedule, in order to reduce maintenance cost, increase the machinery life and improve operating efficiency.

Fault Warning

- Fuel Level Warning

- Engine Water Temperature Warning

- Engine Oil Warning

- Battery Voltage Warning


- Real-time monitoring machinery operating status, define working area.
- Collecting real-time machinery data, give pre-warning before any machinery failure.
- Reduce maintenance cost, increase machinery life and improve operating efficiency.
- Rational machinery dispatching, and monitoring drivers workload in real time.