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Container Terminal Vehicle Dispatching System

CTVD -- Container Terminal Vehicle Dispatching System

Truck dispatching is based on optimal path of the yard. It adopts mathematical algorithm to dispatch optimal truck for instructions on the operating line. It will decrease unloaded rate of truck, increase the operating rate of the terminal, and reduce resource input and energy consumption.

Huadong Container Terminal Vehicle Dispatching System is developed based on Fuzzy Logic. It applies fuzzy set and fuzzy rules to simulate the judgment and reasoning of human brain to uncertain concepts, thereby establishing mathematical model to search for relativel optimal resolution in complicated vehicle dispatching scene.


  • Realize efficeint, intelligent, and rational trailer (truck) dispatching, reduce empty running rate, shorten running route, and reduce energy consumption.

  • Support synchronous loading and discharging, have independent database and standard interface, can be integrated to TOS product, have trailer monitoring funion, and provide decision-making support service to global terminal operators.