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Container Intelligent Terminal Operation System


CiTOS, short for “Container Intelligent Terminal Operation System”, independently developed by HUADONG, provides an ideal solution for intelligent control and management of container terminal with state of the art technologies and cutting-edge functions.

CiTOS optimizes operation process of container terminal in graphical operation mode, and maximizes terminal efficiency and productivity with its key features of reliability, usability, expandability, maintainability and cost-effectiveness.

With over 20 years of experience, CiTOS has been installed at more than 50 Chinese container terminals, occupying highest market share in China. Moreover, CiTOS has successfully entered into overseas market.

Features & Values

□ Base on modular design, flexible and extensible.

- CiTOS is a highly configurable solution that offers flexible module options.

Customization is provided to meet terminal specific needs.

- CiTOS can be extended and integrated with third-party systems to support data sharing and integration.

□ Optimize terminal operation to improve terminal productivity

- Auto Vessel Planning offers most optimized berth plan, stevedoring plan, and stowing plan, reduces vessel staying time and improves vessel operation efficiency.

- Crane Work Planning enables to view and adjust crane sequences and tasks, resulting in improved crane productivity.

- Auto Yard Allocation automates yard positioning, distributing containers to the best stacking position, and maximizes yard capacity.

- Intelligent Gate in real-time controls and monitors truck and container gate-in/out, reduces gate waiting time, to increase gate efficiency.

- Auto Trailer Dispatching arranges the best trailer for vessel stevedoring, to avoid unladen moves and improve trailer utilization.

□ Use RDTs for wireless data transmission

Crane-mounted Wireless Terminal is used for real-time dispatching of cranes, to reduce idle time, and optimize equipment utilization.

- Vehicle-mounted Wireless Terminal is used for real-time dispatching of trailers, to fewer unladen moves, and lower fuel cost.

Handheld Wireless Terminal is used by operation clerk for instruction confirmation of vessel loading/discharging and container stuffing/unstuffing, gate checking, reefer container inspection, etc.

□ Monitor terminal operation in real-time

Monitor the operations of vessel, crane, yard and gate in graphical.

Monitor container position in yard and acquire container movements in real-time.

Monitor vessel berthing/unberthing movements in real-time by integration with vessel tracking system.

Monitor equipment position in real-time by integration with GPS/DGPS.

Monitor terminal operation in real-time by integration with CCTV system.