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Artificial Intelligence Woods

AIWoods is one of the AI series products developed by Huadong Elec-tech Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. The system target detection core algorithm adopts AI technology based on deep learning, which has stable high recognition rate, and the rate approaches 100% as the amount of identification data increases.

The AIWoods system provides fast and stable SaaS service. Operators can take pictures of wood through the “Port and Shipping Logistics Service Platform” WeChat official account and App, etc. The system will quickly and accurately calculate the specific location and quantity of wood in the picture, and multi-dimensional sorting of the marked position, which is convenient for manual secondary confirmation.

Compared with manual counting methods and traditional recognition algorithms, AIWoods perfectly solves the problems of brightness, angle, blocked, stains, etc., which greatly improves the counting accuracy and efficiency.



The system adopts SaaS mode, which is deployed on Huadong Cloud platform without installation.

Loose Requirement

When taking pictures of woods, the system supports frontal shooting and side shooting; the angle can be up to 150 degrees, which solves the problem that the wood on the front trailer cannot be shot from front when there are two trailers with one truck.

Low Error

In the business scenario, the wood identification rate can reach 95%.


The system can be used independently and also seamlessly with other systems.

Learning Ability

The system has learning ability and can gradually adapt to various work scenarios


The system sorts the position of the wood in the picture in a multi-dimensional way, which is convenient for the operator to check and fill the gap.

The system has been tested on site at several terminals and the recognition rate is much higher than the customer's expectation

At present, Huadong AI series products have successively launched “wood identification system”, “square tube identification system” and “layer identification system”, which can meet the intelligent tally requirements of most yards in the port, and Huadong will launch the “steel pipe identification system” accordingly. All AI recognition systems of Huadong are free for a limited time.