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Container Intelligent Yard Operation System


CiYOS, short for “Container Intelligent Yard Operation System”, independently developed by HUADONG, is based on modern logistics management, integrating customer management, yard container management, yard planning and operation, container repair and cleaning management, and warehouse management together to provide yard a comprehensive information management service.

Features & Values

□ Quick search cargo storage infomation

-  Stepless zooming of yard layout

-  Warehouse goods information graphical display

□ Improve equipment working efficiency

-  Support data interchange between terminal and CFS via EDI

-  Support multiple containers selection for making container pickup/delivery plan

□ Use RDTs for wireless data transmission

-  Used for real-time dispatching of cranes, to reduce idle time, and optimize equipment utilization.

-  Used for real-time dispatching of trailers, to fewer unladen moves, and lower fuel cost.

-  Recording status of container stuffing/unstuffing, in/out depot,reefer container inspection, etc.

□ Monitor yard operations in real-time

-  Monitor the operations of crane, yard and gate in graphical.

-  Monitor container position in yard and acquire container movements in real-time.

-  Monitor equipment position in real-time by integration with GPS/DGPS.

-  Monitor terminal operation in real-time by integration with CCTV system.