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Intelligent Lighting Solution


i-Lighting is an advanced control system designed to achieve centralized automatic control for the high-pole lamps in ports. It combines and integrates hardware and software systems, with cutting-edge functions and multiple control modes, such as timing control, photosensitive control, remote control, etc. It enables to optimize the energy utilization, save energy cost, and provide the best energy-saving solution for ports.

Functions & Features

 Remote Control Mode

- Centralized manual control of lighting can be done in the control room.

 Timing Control Mode

- The lighting facilities can be automatically turned on/off according to the given time.

 Photosensitive Control Mode

- The outdoor light intensity can be the basis for automatically turning on/off of lighting facilities.

 Zone Control Mode

- All high-pole lamps can be controlled in groups or zones.

 One Key Recovery

- The closed lighting mode can be saved automatically, and supports one key recovery if necessary.

 Real-time Monitoring

- Display real-time status of lighting, and monitor dynamic power consumption.

 Fault Alarm

- Automatically detect faults (such as communication fault, lamp fault, circuit fault, etc.), lock fault location, and give an alarm.

 Lamp Management

- Offer lamp replacing plan according to its planned service time and actual service time.

 Query & Statistics

- Support query & statistics of lighting operation data and fault data, and these data also can be recorded and printed.

 Software Integration

- iLighting can be seamlessly integrated with HUADONG independently developed TOS.

iLighting Benefits