Huadong Solutions

Intelligent Weighbridge System

This system is adopted with advanced AI algorithm and recognition technology to solve the problems of low operating efficiency and bad environment conditions in weighbridge working model. it helps to improve the working efficiency and quality, and improve the working environment as well.

1. Business

Realize Humanization, Automation and Intelligence.
RFID Electronic License Plate Recognition.
Car Plate Recognition and Video Capture Recognition.
Vehicles AC& Man-machine Interaction.
Weighbridge Automatic Collection& Centralized Management.

2. Features& Advantages

Reduce Human Intervention, Improve the Accuracy and Timeliness of Data Collection.
Speed Up the Weighing Process, Improve the Production Efficiency.
Regulate weighing procedures, effectively avoid cheating.
Automatic Man-machine Interaction System, Replace Traditional Weigh House, Saving Construction Cost.
Realize the Centralized Operation of Bayonet Weighbridge, Centralized Management, Improve the Working Environment.