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Huadong Won a Bid of Port Project in Guinea


March 17, 2020

Huadong won the bid for implementation the port information management system to the Guinea Aluminum Development Project of SPIC International Investment & Development (Guinea) Co., Ltd. Which is the first winning bid of projects over ten million in 2020.

The project includes: General Cargo TOS, AIS, Computer Room Equipment System, CCTV, e-barrier control system, fire alarm system, peripheral intrusion detecting system, central control system, radio dispatching system, and ship-shore communication system.

The project is located on the southeast side of Cap Verga, 210km from Conakry, and 52km from port of Kamsar in the north. Port of Verga will be the main cargo port for transporting Guinea's bauxite, which will facilitate Guinea's economic growth and influences the landlocked countries of West Africa. Also, the Verga Industrial Park, an area of 46.4 hectares, provides space for the development of circular economy and warehouse logistics. There is the huge potential for development of port and industrial park.

Winning the bid is the reward of Huadong’s dedicated efforts on the overseas market. Which is a great incentive for Huadong to develop market abroad and build an international brand image, also has the positive demonstration effect on the follow-up overseas projects. It is of great significance for Huadong develop talents and improve overseas implementation capability.